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Computer Domain Computer Repair Boston MA

Let us build your next computer. We offer a variety of computer systems based upon the latest technology. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art gaming machine or just looking for a for a quality computer that won't break your budget, we have what you need.

Elite Standard

The Computer Domain has a reputation for delivering the fastest and most expertly crafted and supported workstation computers in the market.

Optimized Workstation PCs

The Computer Domain optimizes your workstation’s performance specific to your applications, so that it operates quickly and efficiently.

Extensively Tested

Every single custom built computer undergoes a thorough 24-hour stress test to ensure that your system does not encounter any bottlenecking performance issues.

Top Quality Components

All workstations are built with only the highest quality components to maximize your applications performance and to extend the longevity of your system's life.

Our Philosophy: The Way


The Holy Grail for any customer is finding a company that has the Trifecta: stellar price, quality products and great customer service. We have all 3.


You can trust that when you have an issue with your workstation computer, even if it has-been after the warranty expiration, The Computer Domain will take care of you. You’ll always speak to someone who is based in the U.S. for the entire life-time of your computer.


We only offer the best hardware. We filter the good from the bad because we don’t want our customers to have an unreliable product.

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