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With environmental concerns on the rise and sustainable living being more important than ever we must adapt.  As society evolves, so does the amount of electronics we consume and the resulting ‘E-waste’ that is created.  In response, The Computer Domain offers complete computer recycling services for computers, servers, and networking equipment.  When your equipment has reached the end-of-life point and needs to be disposed of in a safe and secure way, The Computer Domain can help.

E-waste can be a valuable resource for secondary raw materials, however if not disposed of properly it is a major cause of toxins and carcinogens in our environment.  Rapid technology change, low initial cost and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast growing problem around the globe.

Are you concerned about confidential information being left on your hard drive? We will ensure all sensitive data is eliminated prior to disposal.

The Computer Domain is committed to the environment. To minimize your environmental footprint contact us for further information.

Free local pickup is available for 15 items or more.

Previous customers get an additional 20% discount. Just bring in a receipt for a previous purchase from us.

What we recycle:

PC towers $25
Laptops $25
Printers $25
DVD players $25
VCR's $25
LCD monitors $25 (Not broken or cracked)

At this time we are not accepting CRT monitors

We'll also collect the power cord, mouse, keyboard, PC speakers and misc. cabling, associated with the items above. For example, when you recycle a computer tower, we will take its associated power cord, speakers and keyboard. The latter three items are included in the $25 fee.

We accept drop-offs at our location without minimums. Please call ahead if you are planning to drop off.

E-Waste Recycling Fundraising Events:
At The Computer Domain, we understand it's difficult finding the financial resources to support your school, or church. That's why we've developed a program to help you quickly and easily raise money to support your educational efforts.

Here's how our fundraiser program works...

Simply coordinate an Electronics Recycling Day. During an Electronics Recycling Day, community members and parents drop off their electronics recycling, usually at your school, and pay the noted recycling fees above.

The Computer Domain will be on hand to receive the recycling and to ensure all items are collected, managed and disposed of safely. At the end of the event, we will write you a check that's equal to 40% of all recycling revenue collected that day. For example: If you collect 100 computer towers at $25 each, we'll write you a check for $1000 at the end of the event.

Everyone has old electronics sitting around that cannot be disposed of along with your household trash. Collecting 100 computers, monitors, printers, etc. is fairly easy -- making an Electronics Recycling Day a quick and profitable fundraiser.

Give us a call for more information and be sure to properly market the event via email and banners. The more you promote, the more you will earn at your event.

Call (781) 686-1099 for service.

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